Why a local lender is important.

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Real Estate

Why real estate agents like local lenders......and why you as a buyer should too! 

1) The loan officers are in the same time zone as you, the buyer is!!

2) You, the buyer can meet with them face to face, this is so helpful especially when you have different loan programs and options.  Meeting with someone and understanding who they are and how they can help brings a better understanding to the whole process. 

3) They send out information like the attachment giving you up to date information the minute it is available and a source you can trust.  

4) Then them being available to discuss the best options for you and if the info they have applies to you. 

5) Building a rapport is so important when making the biggest financial decisions and purchases of your life. 

The average home buyer will purchase a home every 5-7 years, some more often.  So much has changed in the last 7-8 years, we have gone from NO-doc loans to I must know exactly where every penny you put in your account comes from!

 It's important to have a team that works well together and in YOUR best interest. 

Please take note that we received the attached information from our preferred lender, Carolina Bank, concerning FHA Mortgage interest rate.  They brought the info to the table, they didn't wait on me or you to ask!!

Please let us know how we can help you buy, sell or invest in real estate.