Actually going to blog myself.......Read it!

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Real Estate

So I have decided that maybe after a few years in the real estate business I am going to start blogging about everything I have learned.....

It may be daily or weekly, depending on the adventure.  It could be that the day/week was extremely exciting or not. 

Today, I learned that making excuses doesn't work. If someone is buying a new construction home then it should be in a perfect condition. 

As an agent that sells a number of existing homes, I often tell buyers, this is NOT new construction.  

The funny thing about this home today is that overall it's beautiful and the price point is $200k, not peanuts. 

When I was present for the home inspection two weeks ago, I have to admit I did get blue tape happy.  You see I started in new construction and I love blue tape.

I am not trying to say I don't have anything else to do during a home inspection, I often bring my computer and phone, to work.  When the inspector finds an item, he

often shows me so I can communicate properly to my buyer since I am there on their behalf. 

This time my home inspector met me in the driveway and said, "I have some blue tape in the car, want some?"  

Surely, I thought to myself it's not that bad. 

Well, after a two week delay because the buyer chose not close until it was painted again, the final walk-thru revealed that it was still not done correctly. 

When confronted, the listing agent said, "well it's not custom built." Well, that shouldn't really matter.  $200,000 is a TON of money. 

My buyer handled it honestly better than I did. She just stated very clearly that the poor paint job overshadowed how beautiful the home is. 

After we walked through the home, the listing agent finally caved and said that our thoughts had already been communicated to the builder and that he understood exactly 

where we stood.  They would be back in a week to finish the job along with other punch list items.  

You see to me admitting that something is not done correctly and could be done better doesn't make you less of an agent, it makes you honest.  If you can reflect on a part of the process and say I could have this different and better for the client then that makes you better! I want to be better every day not only has a real estate agent but a wife, mother, and a PERSON! 

Thanks for reading! Until the next adventure!